Techniques for Sealing Cracks in Concrete


While concrete is indeed a highly durable building material, it can occasionally fall subject to cracks and breakage. This is mainly due to constant temperature changes, excessive loads, and movements in the ground surface. The rigid nature of concrete makes the upper material susceptible to cracks over time. Concrete crack repairs involve the steps that are taken to seal, join and restore concrete surfaces to their original condition. Repair techniques will vary depending on the location and size of the crack.

22 January 2018

2 Crucial Reasons to Consider Building Your Walls with Precast Concrete Blocks


With so many different types of building materials and products being supplied on the construction market today, it comes as little surprise that many people don't know where to start when they need to choose building supplies for their construction project. If you are looking to construct a building that will stand the test of time, you should consider building with concrete.  Concrete is one of the oldest construction materials available in the construction industry, and it is widely recognised for its remarkable strength and durability.

18 January 2018

Why Concrete Pumps May Clog


Several factors can make a concrete mix difficult to pump. Construction project managers need to account for these elements when they are selecting a concrete mix and the pump that will deliver that concrete to the desired pour site. This article discusses some of those variables that can affect concrete pumping. Aggregate Quantity Different concrete mixes are suitable for various applications. For example, the concrete that will be poured at a site which is prone to flooding may have a greater quantity of aggregates than concrete that will be used for an upper floor of a building.

15 January 2018

The Role of Water Tanks in Resource Sustainability


People around Australia are all aware of the effects that climate change is having on the planet. Rainfall patterns are changing and unpredictable weather patterns are being experienced on a regular basis. With population pressure and the availability of clean water continuing to become larger issues, water tanks can be a great way for homeowners to have some water security on their properties. Water tanks enable homeowners to collect water when it is available and to store it for future use.

11 January 2018