Why You Should Give Your Driveway the Asphalt Makeover This Spring


More homeowners spend years limping along with the same old, cracked and ruined driveway for many years before thinking about giving it a replacement. A lot of the damage on the entrances occurs in the winter and early spring because of the melting snow. If you have realised that your driveway is a mess and needs some refinishing, think about getting an asphalt recarpeting. Below are the qualities which make asphalt the perfect driveway material regardless of the prevailing weather in your region.


Have you ever noticed that when the winter sets in, driveways which have a concrete paving contract and when the heat returns, they expand rapidly, which leads to ugly cracks? Well, the difference between concrete and asphalt is that the latter is extremely flexible. It can withstand summer and winter weather while expanding and contracting uniformly to prevent cracking. It is also important to note that asphalt is less prone to the damage which is caused by rock salt and melting ice during and after the winter. 

Curing time

Asphalt is a great material to use for your driveway because it dries up and heals faster than concrete and other materials after the installation. The difference between asphalt and concrete is that asphalt heals when it cools down, which makes the installation faster. This also means that you do not have to avoid using the driveway for weeks after the installation. When the weather conditions are right, you need four days to a week to resume light use of your driveway.

Ease of maintenance and repair

Everyone wants to think that when something goes wrong with their driveway, they will be in a position to fix it without having to call in experts, especially when it is a minor weakness. The great thing about concrete is that when small cracks and weaknesses occur, they can be simply repaired using a sealant. Some DIY enthusiasts even fill up patches using new concrete. Also, other than making sure that the concrete is sealed to keep water out, the material needs minimal maintenance. If you can remember to sweep the leaves away and hose it down when the weather is too hot, and you can avoid any chemical reactions on its surface, an asphalt driveway will serve you for a long time.

These are the main reasons to look for concrete driveways. The spring is the perfect time to install asphalt because the temperatures encourage fast curing.


9 October 2018

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